It’s certainly been a weird winter here in the United States. Most places have barely had any winter, with unseasonably warm temperatures all around. It’s not ideal, but at least the weather isn’t actively trying to murder us (yet). The same can’t be said about the weather in our first look at Geostorm, the latest high-spectacle disaster film.

In Geostorm‘s world, human have created a satellite system to control the weather. That means no more hurricanes, tornados, or any other dangerous weather. A disaster movie about calm spring breezes wouldn’t fly, so naturally something goes wrong with the system. What follows is every disaster movie ever made wrapped into one. We see a squadron of tornados, massive tsunamis, car-sized hail, and one of the satellites exploding spectacularly. The entire thing is set to a very creepy rendition of Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World.” Check out all the mayhem and destruction now:

Because you need people to go with your destruction, the movie stars Gerard Butler, Abbie Cornish, Jim Sturgess, and Ed Harris. You’ll have to wait a bit to see everything fall down, though. Geostorm is set for release on October 20.