It’s always fascinating to watch how a band brings an album together. Of course there’s a universal task list like writing and recording, but the process, setting, and inspiration varies so widely that each band has a completely unique story to tell. Local Natives have given us a glimpse of the story behind their latest album Sunlit Youth with the music video for “Dark Days.”

It seems the band gained much of their inspiration from the entire world, as the footage of the band comes from all corners of the globe. The band interacts with local people, culture, and landscapes in an intimate look at their travels. There’s also shots of the band recording and playing in a number of settings. Whether it’s the studio, a venue, or just a random rooftop, the band is keyed in the entire time. It’s a fascinating look at the journey that goes into making an album, and you can watch it here:

Sunlit Youth was released last September. Local Natives are going on tour starting next week, and more information about those dates can be found in our previous coverage here.