Jet Jaguar is a New-Jersey based rock and band who are a simple and straight forward rock and roll band. They are an intense band who self describes themselves as “driving and lightning like,” crafting songs that are made for partying and that rock and roll mentality.

Jet Jaguar is unapologetically themselves, leaving it up to the listener to hit skip or repeat — but you’ll likely want to hit repeat a few times. Musically the band shows their talents through soaring guitars, illustrious drum work, and tastefully added bass lines, combining it with lyrics that are as devastating as they are flexible. If the goal is to write something relatable, Jet Jaguar checks the boxes: they will leave you feeling heightened emotions, powers and legitimate tension.

Now, Substream is excited to be teaming up with Jet Jaguar to bring you the next step of their journey as a band so far, the new single “Anvil.”  The track is continuing the trend of wearing their hearts on their sleeves, as “Anvil” talks about feeling crushed by every day life’s trials. Of course, upon first listen, perhaps you might just hear a catchy and fun single — but again, hit repeat and dive in for yourself.

Listen to our exclusive stream of the new single from Jet Jaguar below.

“Money, lust, dreams, and the weight of the world are some of the main inspirations and themes of ‘Anvil’. So often in our lives we feel crushed by situations but we have to remember our ability to dig ourselves out,” the band tells Substream.