As much as you might wish it wasn’t, life is full of challenges and obstacles between where you are and where you want to be. Growing and thriving emotionally, mentally, and spiritually is no easy feat, and there will be times when it knocks you down again and again. In these moments, it’s important to keep pushing forward because every single person has the ability to overcome. Georgia quartet Hero The Band remind us of that on “Trouble In My Mind,” one of the tracks from their recently released EP Back To Myself. The Barnett brothers Justin (Ocean), Nick (Nicky Jupiter), DJ (BamBam), and Jerramy (Goku Love) are giving us another reminder today with the video for “Trouble In My Mind,” premiering right here on Substream.

The video, directed by Allison Flom, finds Hero The Band performing a tranquil forest setting. Intercut with that footage is the story of three people fighting to get to where they want to be: a man trying to nail a ballet routine, a young girl fighting to be true to herself in the face of societal pressure, and a woman training for a run. We see their struggles as the band performs, which makes their eventual triumph that much sweeter and is a nice reminder for viewers that everyone is capable of becoming who they want to be. Through it all the band brings all of the driving energy in their performance that listeners expect from them. Taken as a whole, the video for “Trouble In My Mind” is both a showcase for Hero The Band’s talent and drive and the positive energy they exude.

Hero The Band spoke about the meaning behind the video, saying “‘Trouble In My Mind’ is about the power of the imagination. We believe in total wellness of the mind, body and soul; this video offers stories of transformation through acknowledgement of personal challenges and the necessity to overcome.”

You can watch the video for “Trouble In My Mind” below. Keep up with Hero The Band on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Their new EP Back To Myself is out now, and can be listened to on your preferred platform here.