It takes a great deal of talent for a rock band of any kind to break through the noise of the industry in 2017, but the South Carolina natives in Small Talks have done precisely that in the last few months. Their unique take on indie rock has an infectious quality that few acts possess. All the proof anyone needs to know they are onto something great lies in the song “Cop Car,” which now has a video all its own.

Today we are thrilled to have partnered with Small Talks to share the world premiere of their video for “Cop Car.” In the clip, which you can view above, the members of the band are seen committing a few small crimes in between shots of an intimate full band performance.

We asked the band to tell a bit more about the video and the song that inspired its creation. They replied:

“The song is about being in love with someone who’s bad for you but you’re blind to it because you’re in love, hence all the illicit activities in the video, even though I really don’t smoke cigarettes. Another funny thing is that there was an AA meeting right after us in the same room we shot the performance parts of the video.”

Small Talks signed with Common Ground Records earlier this year and distributed their latest release Until It Turns To Petals through INgrooves. They’ve also recently been announced as part of the FEST line-up this year.

We first saw this video about 10 days ago, and I think it is safe to say we have watched it at least once a day, every day, since that time. There is something about the video that perfectly encapsulates what makes the band so important to us. There is an undeniable sense of fun throughout, but it comes with heart and depth that one might expect from a group with many more years experience under their belt. Small Talks are the real deal. Don’t miss out.