We have been telling you for years that Atlanta’s Microwave were among the best bands in rock today, and they are further proving that point with their incredibly video for “Roaches.”

If you’re reading this now we are going to assume you have already clicked on the video above. After all, how could you miss it? The recent update to our site has made it incredibly easy for people to watch videos without even glancing at what we’ve written in the post. This sucks more in some cases than other, as we often have more information to share on the clip than what you see in the video, but in this case we completely understand rushing to watch before choosing to read. “Roaches” is an incredible song made even better by a hauntingly beautiful video, and more than anything else we hope you watch the clip in full to truly appreciate what Microwave has shared.

Through a vast and diverse set of imagery, the video for Roaches slowly picks apart what little bits of your sanity remains in tact. Like the insect that inspires the title, this video makes your skin crawl, only when the video does it you don’t mind nearly as much. It is the kind of thing a part of you wishes to look away from, but you know you need to stay focused because something special is unfolding before your eyes.

“Roaches” appears on the Microwave record Much Love, which was released by SideOneDummy Records in September 2016. You can catch Microwave on tour this summer as the band participated in Vans Warped Tour. We will be reporting on their time with the world’s largest festival when the event finally reaches the midwest, but until then “Roaches” and its accompanying video will have to suffice. Click here for dates and ticket information.