There was a time not too long ago when even the most talent up and coming artists would struggle to book concerts outside their hometown. Solo acts and groups alike would perform in basements, barns, and VFW halls that would rent out space to them until promoter’s began to notice their sound and gave them more professional opportunities. Many artists still do this today, but if you are trying to skip this part of artistic development then the career of Danielle Bregoli – AKA the girl famous for saying “Cash Me Outside” – is one to watch. At the age of just 14, the teen who shot to viral fame after fighting with her mom on a 2016 episode Dr. Phil is going on tour, and the amount she stands to earn from her appearances will blow your mind.

According to TMZ, Bregoli is in the final stages of planning a tour that will find her making club appearances all over the country. Details of what these ‘performances’ will entail are scarce, but sources close to the story claim Bregoli will roast audience members, participate in Q&A, and lip sync to some of her favorite songs. Sold out shows are expected to bring in $50,000 per event, if not more.

This is not the first time Bregoli has tiptoed her way into the music business. Since the footage of her saying “Cash Me Outside” went viral in early 2017 Bregoli has appeared in a Kodak Black video, collaborated with Stitches, and had her voice sampled on a Hot 100-charting single. She even spent time in a recording studio with Mark Batson and Che Pope, who have previously worked with everyone from Eminem to Beyonce.

It is unclear when Bregoli plans to announce this tour, but given the quickly depleting value of viral frame we have to imagine the news will come sooner than later.

The real question is, who will pay to see her? It takes less than five seconds for Bregoli to repeat her famous catchphrase, which will no doubt be printed on merchandise that is sold online and at her upcoming live appearances. After that happens audiences will essentially be entertaining the ego of a teenager who is still years (plural) away from being old enough to drive. Bregoli does not sing or dance, nor does she have any experience in roasting/making fun of an audience. As far as we’re concerned, this whole thing feels like a recipe for disaster.

While we wait for more, watch this recent video of Bregoli assuming the role of music critic: