I probably wouldn’t have to tell you that the Green Door is from San Francisco if you’ve heard their music. Their brand of vintage psych-rock is the kind that can only be attached to that special city and all the talent it’s produced for decades. This might come across as me saying that this band just sounds like all those other San Francisco bands, but that’s only true to a very minor extent. San Francisco just has its sound, you know? The Green Door has that sound, but they also have their own entirely.

The five-piece’s newest EP, Wolf In The Fold, sounds straight out of the ’60s or ’70s – classic in all the right ways, melding the best elements of garage rock with Spaghetti Western vibes and just enough modern nuances to help it appeal to the current generation.

There’s nearly 27 minutes of music across its six tracks for you to enjoy. You can get a taste of what it’s all about below with lead single “You Won’t Hear That Anymore.” You can check out the rest of the record on Bandcamp and follow the band on Facebook and Twitter for any future news.