Chordae: colloquially known as the heartstrings are cord-like tendons that connect the papillary muscles to the tricuspid valve and the mitral valve in the heart.

The Chordaes is a band that lives up to their name in spades– their brand of pop music has just enough going emotionally that, before you know it, you’re full-on thinking “this band just gets me” as they sing their way through love and loss. They released an album last year called In Itinere that’s packed with some of the best low-key, guilty pleasure, pop-rock jams of the year. Best of all is a little gem called “Something New,” and I’m so excited to be able to share the remix of this song with y’all.

Before we get too far, I want you to keep in mind this isn’t a traditional remix. There’s not an extra verse by some out-of-left-field collaborator meant to draw in more people. Instead, this version of the song is meant to soar on its own as opposed to working in congruence with the rest of In Itinere. With this in mind, you would wonder what something new they could bring to the track– and you’d come away surprised. In order for this to actually work, the band sent the track to Mark Needham, and his finishing touches ensure the song is bound to take on a life of its own. A hook that once felt contained feels brand new– dripping with life as it soars high above the clouds.

When asked about the decision to remix the track, The Chordaes said “The original mix of ‘Something New’ was done with the intent of having it fit as a puzzle piece into our In Itinere EP. This new mix by Mark Needham allows the song to stand strongly on its own whether it be in a playlist or you’re listening on shuffle. The choruses explode out of the verse with more intensity and wider panning.” Mark Needham followed that by saying that The Chordaes have such a  fresh sound  and a unique perspective in the delivery of their music that they have made me a fan!”

You can stream the remix of “Something New” below.

You can catch The Chordaes at The Standard later this month. More info on that can be found below.