Unusual is a blessing. It’s a quality that draws attention. It piques interests and stimulates curiosity. Giant Flying Turtles‘ first head-turner is their moniker, obviously. If that gets the fish biting, their sound will really sink the hooks in.

It’s hard to classify the sound on the band’s new album, Waltz To The World, with just one (or even two or three) simple genre tags. It’s an ambitious musical outing that covers a lot of ground, and it covers it well. The Brooklyn quartet stays mainly rooted in areas of rock, but there’s some bluesy soul, saloon-style Western ditties, some Americana, honky-tonk, and some slower, ballad-like moments as well. There’s a lot to explore and enjoy, and if you like variety this is an album for you.

You can stream through all 11 tracks below as you settle in and begin to realize that Giant Flying Turtles is probably one of your new favorite bands.