Kyle Dee just released his second song with Makeout on Friday and it’s a banger. Listen to “Wish U Were Here” for the next two minutes and forty-four seconds and then read this fun dialogue ranking All Time Low’s banger of an LP catalog. Fun fact: We know that our opinions are wrong. Hopefully, they’re so wrong, it’s right.


Missing you:


  1. The Party Scene (2005)


SW: They were just kids!


KD: They were! It’s fun listening back and hearing their youthful energy on this album.


SW: A bunch of tracks from this record made their way onto their debut Hopeless EP which we are not discussing.


KD: Although this is at the bottom of our list, this record was pivotal into launching the band’s career.


SW: And now us two money hungry power whores are ranking their album catalog publicly… Murica.


KD: Speaking of airing their dirty laundry…


  1. Last Young Renegade (2017)


SW: I get it, Kyle. Good times.


KD: Good times, for sure. This record was really cool for them. I loved all of the visuals and dug that they branched out from their distinct sound. 


SW: And the opening/title track is definitely one of my favorite songs from the band!


KD: You could tell that Alex was growing as a songwriter.


SW: Depending upon how fast they grew and where they grew, they were certainly the life of the party. 


KD: Agreed. I feel that this album was an excellent transition into its follow-up which is the next record on our list.


  1. Wake Up, Sunshine (2020)


SW: Safe assumption.


KD: Like the title of this piece suggests, this list is our collective opinion and it feels weird putting this record at #6 because of how fucking good it is. The trouble is… I have so many emotional attachments to five others.


SW: Someone had to be #6. Maybe it’s their favorite place.


KD: “Getaway Green” is one of my favorite All Time Low songs.


SW: Glad you weren’t sleeping in on that one. I love that All Time Low finally wrote a radio hit with “Monsters”.


KD: It’s also worth pointing out that they released this record right in the middle of lockdown and COVID. The band definitely helped many people going through tough times. I personally was looking forward to it every day once they announced its completion.


  1. So Wrong, It’s Right (2007)


SW: We know. We ranked this one wrong. Let it roll.


KD: I can remember touring in my van with one of my old bands listening to “The Beach” on my iPod.


SW: Very 2007 of you. You probably weren’t old enough to pop champagne. I just started collecting AARP benefits that year.


KD: This was a big time for ATL in terms of popularity. 


SW: Indeed. Their rise was fun to watch. Nothing shameless about that.


KD: It almost felt like they were the scene’s version of The Beatles during this time. They were EVERYWHERE.


  1. Dirty Work (2011)


SW: We know. We ranked this one wrong. Forget about it.


KD: It’s an unpopular opinion, but this record is so good, and someone needs to say it.


SW: I concur and feel that if track #2 wasn’t on the album, then things would be different in terms of backlash. 


KD: I’ll even go on record by saying that “I Feel Like Dancin’” is such a jam, and I love that Rivers Cuomo co-wrote it.


SW: I think that the first half of this album minus “I Feel Like Dancin’” would make for an A+ EP.


KD: It’s unfortunate that this record received so much hate, but I love that they still play a bunch of its songs live. 


  1. Future Hearts (2015)


SW: This album sent tidal waves to the scene that ATL was onto bigger stages as the 2010s progressed. 


KD: I love that the band worked with John Feldmann on this one. He always produces great albums and this one is full of hits. 


SW: You won’t have me kicking & screaming away from that statement, sir.


KD: “Runaways” is probably my #1 most played All Time Low song. “Bail Me Out” might be a close second.


SW: I think that “Don’t You Go” is underrated as well. I never hear any public love about it and I want to change that now.


KD: There you go. Can’t forget to mention the feature from Mark Hoppus on “Tidal Waves,” which foreshadowed Simple Creatures’ existence. 


  1. Nothing Personal (2009)


SW: “Therapy” foreshadowed a more “adult” All Time Low. I’m here for it and I value therapy.


KD: As you should. “Break Your Little Heart” could very well be the coolest riff they’ve ever written.


SW: The melodies certainly don’t get lost in stereo.


KD: I agree. “Weightless” and “Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t”) were monumental songs for the band and for me.


SW: This album ended their first go-around with Hopeless and showed many listeners how diverse an ATL record could be.


KD: 2009 was a good year and ATL is largely to thank for that.


  1. Don’t Panic (2012)


SW: And thanks to you, All Time Low, we’re at the top of the list. This record was a perfect return to form with incredible melodies and musicianship.


KD: This album had to be #1 on our list. The band showed all of the haters how wrong they were and that they could still write some kick-ass punk rock songs. Mike Greene’s production really brought this album home for me.