Following the release of their highly successful debut, 88rising have returned with their second studio album, Head In The Clouds II.

The album, which is now available via 12 Tone Music, and it features a whole array of tracks from the group’s main members: AUGUST 08, Higher Brothers, Joji, NIKI, and Rich Brian. It also features collaborations with a slew of other artists including Major Lazer, GoldLink, Jackson Wang and many more!

Executive producer Joji put it simply, sharing of the latest release: “As always, it is a pleasure to be apart of another HITC project. A fun body of work with international sound.”

Additionally, NIKI had a few words about the project. She feels that the group’s latest endeavor is “beyond just an elevated sonic and musical experience.”

She also continues on by saying: “my only hope is that this album not only encapsulates, but also celebrates the spirit of 88, which is what the fans and us all share in common. We put our hearts, minds and backs into this body of work, so may it inspire you to keep fostering your own art in return.”

You can listen to 88rising’s latest album Head In The Clouds II below!

Head In The Clouds II is available now via 12 Tone Music. You can purchase your copy of the album by going here!

Head in the Clouds II Tracklist: 

  1. 88rising, Rich Brian, CHUNG HA – These Nights
  1. 88rising, NIKI, Phum Viphurit – Strange Land

  2. 88rising, Joji, GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE – Need Is Your Love

  3. 88rising, Jackson Wang, Higher Brothers – Tequila Sunrise (feat. AUGUST 08 & GoldLink)

  4. 88rising, Joji, Jackson Wang – Walking (feat. Swae Lee & Major Lazer)

  5. 88rising, Joji, Don Krez – Breathe

  6. 88rising, NIKI, Rich Brian – Shouldn’t Couldn’t Wouldn’t

  7. 88rising, RHYME SO – Just Used Music Again

  8. 88rising, NIKI – Indigo

  9. 88rising, AUGUST 08, Joji – Hopscotch (feat. Barney Bones & Rich Brian)

  10. 88rising, AUGUST 08, Barney Bones – Calculator

  11. 88rising, NIKI – La La Lost You

  12. 88rising, Higher Brothers – Hold Me Down

  13. 88rising, Stephanie Poetri, Jackson Wang – I Love You 3000 II

  14. 88rising, Rich Brian, Higher Brothers – 2 The Face

  15. 88rising, Rich Brian – Gold Coast