The captivating sister duo of Melis and Jess, who are responsible for the alternative-pop act RUUMER, are back, and they certainly aren’t messing around.

Dropped earlier today (March 8), the duo shared their latest single “Downtown,” which follows their previously released tracks ”Gimme Some,” “House Of Cards” and “Heels.”

“Downtown” is just the latest addition to the group’s dreamy list of tracks, and it definitely doesn’t hold back on their efforts to address the social issues of the world.

Not only does the latest effort dive into furthering the empowerment of women (which makes this morning’s release of the song even better with International Women’s Day being celebrated today,) it also marks another lyrically catchy way of discovering one’s own sexuality.

As a press release notes, the synth-driven single paints imagery that allows them to talk about going ‘downtown’ in a few different ways.

So, not only is the duo sharing their love of the flashy streets of downtown New York City, they’re also referencing something else entirely (in a completely cheeky way).

You can listen to RUUMER’s latest single, “Downtown,” below!