Sparking a new connection with someone is amazing. Those strong connections where you feel like you’ve known the person your whole life are rare, so when you find someone like that it can be an inspiring and exciting time. You want to tell them literally everything about yourself and hear the same from them. Baltimore trio Skyward Story have been struck by this feeling, and they want to share all the details with you on new single “Trading Secrets.” You can hear said secrets right here, as we’re happy to premiere the new track this morning.

You can tell Aaron O’Connor is weak in the knees for this person from the very beginning of “Trading Secrets.” The lyrics are a series of sweet declarations of his feelings delivered over the warm, catchy guitar of Scott Montgomery and some lovingly constructed pop production values. Brandon Millman rounds out the sound with drums, and everything shines the brightest on the chorus. A combination of a great riff and a melody practically designed to be shouted by a crowd goes a long way here. “Trading Secrets” is going to wiggle its way into your brain and bring you joy as that chorus reverberates in your head.

The band knew they had something special from the start. They said “‘Trading Secrets’ illustrates the blooming of a romantic relationship and that high between two people. As soon as we started working on ‘Trading Secrets’ in the studio, we knew it would be a great song. We hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it. We’re excited to release the song while out on tour with Rookie of the Year, catch us at a date near you to hear it live.”

Get sucked into the fun yourself and listen to Skyward Story’s single “Trading Secrets” below. As they mentioned, the band is on tour right now with Rookie of the Year. Tour dates can be found on Skyward Story’s website.