Musician of mystery, Art Bastian has worked behind the scenes for some of the biggest names in the music industry. Ready to step into the forefront, Art unleashes a scorching new song, properly titled “Blazing Sun”.

“Blazing Sun” exudes positivity and love, with the power to draw people together through the love of house music. A track like this deserves special attention and remix duties have been called in from the man of the moment. Utilizing the brilliant vocal, making it work perfectly with his groove to deliver a dance floor delight.

Art Bastian on “Blazing Sun”:

“Being from a big city we often forget about the simplicity and beauty of nature. For this song, I like to imagine a city kid who goes on a journey into nature to find his oneness with it.”

“Blazing Sun” is an essential addition to Art’s steadily growing catalog. Bonafide hit, Art’s noteworthy mention will be the perfect ending to Summer 2019. For daily updates, follow Art Bastian on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

“Blazing Sun” is available now on 18th Floor Recordings.

Stream “Blazing Sun” below, courtesy of Spotify.