Girl Wilde has made 2019 her year. Since the early months of the year, she’s been releasing a string of incredible singles with her unique “bubblegum grunge” sound and emotional honesty. As we move into fall, Wilde is ready to fully cement this year as one for the record books. Today she shares her new single “WeT,” alongside news of her debut EP coming before the year is through.

“WeT” showcases both extremes of “bubblegum grunge.” The verses are pure pop bliss with catchy melodies and light, bouncy sound. In the chorus, the track gets as heavy as anything Wilde has ever done with powerful riffs and a definite edge in her voice as she sings. Wilde is know for her honesty in her lyrics, and “WeT” is no exception. Here, she openly sings about her sexual desires, a subject she hopes give other young women the comfort to be more open about their own experiences and thoughts.

In addition to the new single, we’ll also be hearing more from Girl Wilde soon, as she announced her debut EP will arrive this fall. While we don’t know the title or the release date yet, we do know the project will feature two new tracks alongside “WeT” and previous releases “Probably Crying” and “I Don’t Wanna Die.”

You can listen to “WeT” below.