After capturing our attention with her recent release, “Wildfire”. Hard Rock sensation Hanna Barakat returns with the announcement of her highly-anticipated album with a highly-anticipated preview in a new song. Her new album, Siren on the way, Hanna Barakat releases a powerful new single, titled, “Leave Your Light On”.

The new song is a vocally powerful performance by the Texas-native driven by compelling songwriting and thunderous production. Barakat further builds high expectation for the forthcoming project as it heats up for its Summer release. The new project indulges into Hanna’s personal life, especially her recent relationship.

Barakat on new song and project:

“Society portrays love like a fairy tale, and if the relationship you’re in is not picture perfect, there’s always someone else out there to sweep you off your feet and ride off into the sunset with. Reality tells us that pairing lives with another soul is one of the hardest things two people can do on this earth. Relationships take constant care, devotion, patience, and a hell of a lot of strength. We all go through periods of depression, weakness, physical or psychological traumas, and we need help. We need people in our lives to lift us up and hold us tight while we recover. Leave Your Light On is an honest plea between two lovers to do just that – be strong for one another in tumultuous times – Be each other’s light – their pillar of strength – and know that it is an ebb and flow – the roles will most certainly be reversed not long down the road. This is what relationships are built on.”

Hanna Barakat’s new project, Siren will be available this Summer. In the Austin area, be on the lookout for Hanna Barakat performing live on various dates throughout June through August. Follow Hanna Barakat on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Stream “Leave Your Light On” below.