Back in August of 2017, we premiered the debut album from Akron, Ohio’s very own Ledges. It marked one hell of a debut for the band, as they crafted track after track of indie-pop that you’d end up keeping on repeat.

Today, we are back and teaming up again with Ledges — this time to present a new song called “This House.” The track serves as an additional slice of dreamy indie-pop that sounds incredibly romantic and heartfelt all a once. Sometimes longer songs can lose their magic an turn out to be just a bit too long, but that’s not the case here with “This House.” Ledges use all of the near sex minutes to take the romantic sound and build a somber tone that walks through the stages of processing grief.

“This song means so much to all of us in the band! It’s the first song we wrote together as Ledges. We released a self produced recording of the song back in 2014 that we recorded in my basement. 4 years later we felt that the song was still relevant and needed to be heard, so we rewrote it in the context of our new sound and headed to the studio,” begins Ledges frontman Andy Hoffman. “I don’t think we’ve ever been more proud of a song that we’ve worked on. We want to give a huge thanks to everyone involved, most of all to our friend Matt Gregory who wrote the original lyrics for this song. Matt was a key member of the band for years, honestly without him Ledges probably wouldn’t exist, and even though he recently moved to South Carolina he’s still a permanent part of what we do and a great friend.”

You can find our premiere of “This House” at the top of the post, and listen for yourself. If you like what you hear from the smooth, high and low reflections on the track, you can pre-save the song here. Additionally, they have a few upcoming tour dates with Kings Kaleidoscope, check those out below and purchase your tickets here.

Nov 2 – Nashville, TN @ Rocketown w/Kings Kaleidoscope
Nov 3 – St. Louis, MO @ Fubar w/Kings Kaleidoscope
Nov 4 – Chicago, IL @ Athenaeum w/Kings Kaleidoscope
Nov 5 – Minneapolis, MN @ The Garage w/Kings Kaleidoscope

You can keep up with Ledges on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.