“We’re a kick ass band,” is what The Score’s Eddie Anthony would say regarding the band. “If you come to a show, you’ll get a room full of people dancing, jumping up and down, and screaming. It’s in your face.”

That sort of energy is what that the New York-born and Los Angeles-based duo have used to funnel into their music. Since their formation, The Score have gone on to be a genre-defying group, blurring the lines between rock, pop, indie, and electronic. All it takes is one look at the band’s Spotify page to see hundreds of millions of streams over the course of three years — two EPs, Unstoppable and Myths & Legends, and an album, ATLAS (all via Republic Records) — lead by “Unstoppable,” and “Legend.”

“In the beginning we didn’t get in a van and tour the old school way,” explains The Score’s Edan Dover. “Originally, it was just us in a small studio releasing songs on the internet. One of those initial songs started picking up steam and did well in the UK. That break got us signed and we had to prove ourselves in the US. We were scared and worried that the future was uncertain. We had to dig down and find this strength, so that’s where all of these motivational lyrics came from. We were pushing ourselves to keep going, because it felt like everything could fall apart at any moment.”

Today, we are excited to be partnering with The Score to reveal the new music video for their latest single, “Stronger.” The song is next in line for the band in terms of empowering, motivational lyrics go. As Dover mentioned, that action of having to dig down and find strength to push forward, is something The Score often draws inspiration from. This can be a nice change of pace for music fans and music in general, with so much negativity around us, let The Score remind you: you are stronger than all of this.

“You could literally parallel it to our story,” Dover mentions when talking about the lyrical content on “Stronger.” He continues, “We thought we were dead for a moment after we inked our deal [with Republic Records], but we came back to life when we looked inside and found music we wanted to write that was true to us. If ATLAS was encouraging the listener to feel Unstoppableand like a Legend, the new music speaks to how to improve yourself and face that inner conflict. We’re out to tell the second chapter of our story.”

The music video for “Stronger” can be found above, and was directed by Jason Lester and filmed at the iconic City of Angels Boxing Gym. The video shows The Score performing the track live, interjected with shots of boxers practicing around them. “Shooting the video at City of Angels boxing was incredibly inspiring. It’s one of the more gritty and raw boxing gyms in LA. We got to shoot with several real boxers who train there regularly, some of them on a professional level. We could feel the song coming alive in the ring. It was written to tell the stories of those individuals who repeatedly get knocked down, but get back up time and time again. There was no more fitting place,” the band explain.

If you like what you hear from “Stronger” and its music video above, you can check out The Score on tour as they close out their tour, dubbed “The Revolution” tour. They are also supported by The Orphan The Poet for all remaining dates.

October 4th – Columbus, Ohio – A&R Music Bar

October 5th – Chicago, Illinois – Schubas

October 6th – Minneapolis, Minnesota – 7th Street Entry

October 9th – Denver, Colorado – Larimer Lounge

October 10th – Salt Lake City, Utah – The Complex

October 12th – Seattle, Washington – Barboza

October 13th – Vancouver, BC – Fox Cabaret

October 14th – Portland, Oregon – Holocene

October 16th – San Francisco, California – Rickshaw Stop

October 17th – Los Angeles, California – Moroccan Lounge