No matter what anyone tells you, relationships take work. You have to be willing to examine what you can do better, how you and your partner best work together, and then put in the hours to strengthen the bond. There will be times in the relationships you have in your life where you wonder if that work is worth it anymore. That decision is never an easy one. Melbourne artist Ben Hazlewood knows this, and it’s the subject of his new single “Fix This Love.” Get ready to travel that journey with Hazlewood, as we’re premiering the track and its music video right here on Substream.

Hazlewood wastes no time getting to the heart of the issue on “Fix This Love.” From the jump he asks the subject of the song if they’re still in love, before asking the same question to himself. Like any fight, there’s something accusatory in his voice, but you can tell there’s also real hurt and confusion there as well. The reverberating percussion of the first verse quickly gives way to a massive chorus where Hazlewood really shines. He shows off incredible vocal range without sacrificing any expressiveness, and the music keeps the haunting undertone of the verse while adding an expansive array of sound on top of it.

Hazlewood described the story of the song by saying “There are always two sides to every love story… This is mine. “Fix This Love” recreates the exact moment when you realize it’s time to let go; after fighting to keep a love alive for so long. The vibe was to express a sense of frustration and pain through the production and keeping the story raw and honest.”

The music video for “Fix This Love” is equally stunning. Joined by choreographers Todd Williamson and Hannah Dellow, Hazlewood dances incredibly. As the background and outfits alternate from black to white and back again, the trio put on an intense, physical performance. The way the video is shot makes the movements look slightly unnatural in spots, increasing the tension and the message of the track. It’s a visceral performance that will leave you tired just watching it. (NOTE: The switch from black to white backgrounds happens rapidly and repeatedly in a few spots, as a heads up to any of our readers prone to epileptic seizures.)

Hazlewood had a strong vision for the video from the jump, saying “I really wanted dance to be the focal point of the video. It was such a huge part of my life growing up. It has the power to explain a story with out saying a word. Being able to reunite with two extremely talented choreographers from my home town, and not having danced for over 10 years, made the video the most exciting and challenging concept to date.”

You can watch the video for “Fix This Love” below.