Punk pioneer Palmyra Delran is gearing up to release her new album, Come Spy With Me, on November 9th via Wicked Cool Records. She has previously released the title-track, which was featured as the Coolest Song In The World” on Little Steven Van Zandt’s worldwide terrestrial radio show Underground Garage.

Today, we are excited to be premiering the second single off of Come Spy With Me, this one the attention-grabbing “I Thought You Said That You Were Gonna Kill Yourself.” The track is smart and witty lyrically, while musically is a straight punk rock song.

“It’s not a great story,” Delran begins when explaining where her inspiration for the song came from. “A friend of mine was murdered. Someone who had her whole life ahead of her, and was one of the coolest people I’d ever known. When I returned to work, a co-worker was being overly dramatic about really ridiculous stuff and threatened to kill herself. It really burned me up and depressed me all over again. My friend who loved life had hers taken away in such a brutal way, so when the co-worker walked by me an hour later, I said to her ‘Oh, you’re still here? I thought you said that you were gonna kill yourself.’ I didn’t really think about it – it just came out, and maybe I shouldn’t have said it, but I was still so raw from losing a friend. Then I played the skeleton of the song to my pal Ben Vaughn. He finished it up and made it so much better,” she finishes.

You can stream our premiere of Delran’s new single above, but you can also find it on all other streaming services here. Come Spy With Me will be out November 9th, an Delran is excited for it and looking forward to showing her growth as a songwriter. “My fellas in the Doppel Gang were so solid when we went in to record, which made it effortless and so much fun! It was less pieced together like the last one, so it really felt like a band situation. I’m grateful to have them! I was lucky to have some of my musician pals to come to the studio or send files through the mail, which added so many amazing nuances to each song,” she begins before pivoting to explain the physical packaging for the record, “I contacted an artist friend in Norway – Fred Lammers – with pretty much just the title of the album and a few ideas, and an hour or so later, he sent me that album cover! I have a great photographer too – Albie Mitchell is fantastic! We topped it off with clear ‘spyglass’ vinyl. It a very special project to me, and I’m proud of it.”

Below you will find the details for Come Spy With Me, and keep up with Palmyra Delran on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Come Spy With Me artwork and track-listing:

Palmyra Delran spy

  1. Come Spy With Me (featuring Little Steven, Debbie Harry, John Carlucci)
  2. Happy Birthday Middle Child (featuring Debbie Harry)
  3. Tape A Nickel To The Tonearm (featuring Ben Vaughn, Peter Zaremba, Mike Edison)
  4. I’m Satisfied (featuring Genya Ravan)
  5. (If You’d Like To Make A Call) Please Hang Up (featuring Paul Collins)
  6. Walk Away (featuring Kim Shattuck, Matt Clarke)
  7. I Thought You Said That You Were Gonna Kill Yourself
  8. Chica Ye Ye (featuring Rachelle Garniez)
  9. Tragedy Ann (featuring Betsy Todd)
  10. Shortest Longest Story (featuring Cáit O’ Riordan, Eddie Muñoz)
  11. Ballad Of Madface and the Baby (featuring Handsome Dick Manitoba, Charlie Nieland)
  12. Song Of Love