State Line Syndicate have a made a name for themselves bending upbeat pop-punk and rock sensibilities into one. They have worked to create music for a new generation, in ways: retro in style and subversive in nature. The trio has heavy, and sometimes obvious, 90’s pop-punk/skate-punk influences into their sound.

An easy comparison to make, based on sound and even being a trio, would be MxPx. This works for many reasons — punk-rock bravado, memorable melodies and harmonies, lyrically intense and fervent — but none more obvious than their own recent cover of MxPx’s classic punk anthem “Responsibility.”

This is something that State Line Syndicate doesn’t shy away from, as their 2015 debut album, Back to the 90’s, serves as self-awareness to the sound they have crafted and the continue to push for. Earlier this year, the band released the song “Bones” which continues to showcase the band’s nostalgic yet fresh and exciting brand of pop-punk.

Today, we are excited to be working with State Line Syndicate on the premiere of the music video for “Bones” — which you can find for yourself back up at the top of this post.

“Bones is our favorite video we have made so far and we had a lot of fun making it.  It’s an homage to a classic TV show, The Twilight Zone. Shout out to Tasha Reign as well for all her help and support,” the band share regarding their brand new video.

If you like what you have heard so far from State Line Syndicate, you can keep up with the band on Facebook and Instagram.