This post is not an endorsement of violence against others. It is, however, a reminder that there is no room for nazis in a world that values equality.

Can you believe that in 2017 we are having serious conversations about nazis? Even more baffling is that so many seem okay with embracing nazi culture and the ideas it promotes. We do not stand for those things here at Substream, nor do the men of Stray From The Path. We believe everyone is equal, and that the only path to a better future for all comes through working together across all ages and races.

Recently, a video showing a nazi getting knocked out in the streets of Seattle went viral online. The sixteen-second clip didn’t reveal much information, but tweets from the Seattle police department did shed a little more light on the events that preceded the clip in question. Apparently, the man who identifies as a nazi was instigating fights prior to being knocked unconscious. The nazi refused to tell police anything more when they arrived on scene, nor did any witnesses come forward.

One heavy music fan saw the clip and thought it needed a soundtrack, so they went ahead and edited Stray From The Path’s hit song “Goodnight Alt-Right” into the video. The resulting mashup has begun to go viral on its own terms. Check it out:

“Goodnight Alt-Right” appears on Stray From The Path’s latest album, Only Death Is Real, which is available now wherever music is sold (or streamed). You can hear the full song below: