Virginia-via-Atlanta recording artist Virginia Supernova Slim built a buzzworthy startup career in hip-hop in the last decade with two indie projects before her surprising hiatus in the last few years. Now, Slim resurfaces to a new generation of fans and she is overly eager to pick up where she left off with an even hungrier lyrical appetite.

Hailing from Portsmouth, Virginia, the same region that produced legendary acts like Timberland, Missy Elliot, Pharrell and Clipse, Slim arose to prominence in the early-2000s with her furious flow, sick wordplay, unique appeal and well-earned respect on self-released tracks like “My Body,”
“Back At It Again” and “Letter From The Grave.” Over the years, Slim kept her name buzzing throughout the underground with consistency and well-placed guest features with regional peers.

Slim’s backstory is built on loyalty, family and unity. Born China Regis Ruthanne Sykes, into a talented family with music at its roots for generations. Sykes has always had music as an integral part of her life. She started singing three-part harmony at the age of 3, in a group with her two sisters Venus Hamlett and Dominique Sykes, “aka Dominique Blu”, known as Ablaze, where their harmonies were advanced. Audiences were always thrilled by their vocal abilities at such a young age. As she got older, it became obvious that she had multiple talents. A fierce poet and lyricist, she began writing her own music in high school, and is highly sought after by other Hip Hop Artists.

Slim adored women’s hip-hop. The true essence of the genre. The unforgettable lyrical prowess of innovative legends like MC Lyte and Queen Latifah that showed women’s true power behind the mic in the 90s. Virginia Supernova Slim comes to fill the bill and take it in a new direction. She has created a new genre called “Message Music,” but considers herself to be unable to be classified by one genre alone.

Virginia Supernova Slim is exactly what her name depicts; she is from VA and when you meet her, she is tall, slim and so hot she is going to create new worlds in Hip Hop. She grew up in the city of Lynchburg in Virginia, but at the age of 18 she set sail for Georgia with a dream and never looked back. While in the A, Slim has worked with well-known producers MB Salone and Kwony Cash and opened up for Young Dro and T.I.’s Grand Hustle.

Slim has all the intangibles to be one of the hottest conscious female hip-hop acts in today’s music with the anticipation of her promised 2021 music. This year’s Slim makes her return with new music, videos and a highly-anticipated new album, Introspective: The Ugly Ducklin’ vs The Beautiful Swan, a combination of her two previous indie projects into one official full-length album. Until we receive the new music and album, feel free to stay up-to-date on everything Virginia Supernova Slim, follow the returning star on Instagram.

Listen to Virginia Supernova Slim’s previously released track with My City below.