Sometimes, life comes at us hard and we put our fists up and fight. When negative circumstances come our way, it’s human nature to do everything in our power to battle against them. Sometimes this fight will succeed and we’ll move right on, but sometimes life puts a brick wall right in our face. We may want to push on through but that’s not always in the cards. At moments like these, there’s nothing we can do to change or prevent our circumstances, and all we can do is give in and surrender, letting the emotions hit us as they come. That moment of surrender can be terrifying, but on their new song “Surrender”, Walk The Moon‘s Nicholas Petricca comes to the conclusion that the vulnerability in giving in can lead to a feeling of freedom that might be just what we need.

“Surrender” follows “One Foot” and “Headphones” as the third track to be released from Walk The Moon’s forthcoming album What If Nothing. Centering around a piano and electronic beats, it’s a ballad and the slowest of the singles released so far, as Petricca embraces the heartbreak and emotion after a breakup instead of running away. But as distraught as he is, he ultimately realizes that things will never be the same and it’s time to move on to a new path: “‘Cause I miss you babe / But I can’t stay.”

Listen to “Surrender” below.

Walk The Moon will release What If Nothing on November 10 via RCA Records. If you like what you’ve heard so far you’re in luck, as they have several radio performances in the coming months as well as a headlining tour to follow. Tour dates and album pre-orders are available on their website.

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