Letting someone all the way in can be scary. Everyone has a few hangups and insecurities, and sharing those might seem like the most terrifying task in the world. That said, when people connect on a real, deep level, that sharing of physical contact and any insecurities about ourselves magically floats away. Baltimore band Sunbathers are celebrating this connection on their intimate new single “Urbody” and showcasing it through dance in the accompanying music video.

“Urbody” builds slowly, just like the trust between two people. There’s almost no percussion to start, letting the synths and guitars play around a bit and warm up to the listener. When the drums do come in its like a zap of lightning to the track, bringing to life the joy and desire of sharing a touch with someone you love. “Urbody” is fun and cool, but most importantly it showcases the vulnerability and love that goes into a real connection.

The music video is a perfect companion to “Urbody.” Dancers Camille Workman and James A Pierce III have incredible chemistry, and each movement is deliberate and purposeful. It’s clear they’re having a great time performing with one another, and the way they feed off of each other’s movements and energy is captivating.

“Urbody” is taken from Sunbathers’s upcoming EP The Pool Party, due out on June 7. Check out the video below.