There’s something about the state of Georgia that seems to breed creativity in a way that no other state can replicate. New Jersey has its storied collection of rock icons that have stemmed from the state’s proverbial suburban eclipse, but Georgia seems to latch onto whatever culture will have it and amplify it. Atlanta’s known for housing iconic acts like Outkast and Ludacris but has a budding indie-rock scene that has graced us with bands like Microwave and Blis. It’s an air of creativity that breathes life into whatever is willing to cling to it that keeps the state’s artistic exports thriving. It’s something that you, as a listener, can feel without question — and it’s the kind of driving force that’s allowed for new projects like Fooligans to sprout.

Fooligans takes obvious influence from the nineties era of grunge, and that’s shown off in spades thanks to the sludgy riffs and codeine soaked melodies of “Carbon.” It’s a slow-burner that peers right into your soul with the self-depreciative lyrics and vocals that captivate because of how utterly detached they feel from everything else. It’s this kind of dry and unenthused delivery that adds bite to the track’s naturally sardonic feel and you can’t help but get lost in the purposeful monotony that the track brings to the table.

As for the music video? Well, the marriage between audio and visuals is something that Fooligans own Charlie Wilson is known for. His work with MIGHTY resulted in one of my favorite music videos of the year — and this is a close second. It’s nostalgia-soaked and feels like I’m staring into the eyes of a cult of youth that’s become infatuated with the likes of Clerks and Empire Records! It’s perfectly mundane in a way that keeps you interested without feeling totally consumed by it.

Watch the music video above. Fooligans is out June 29th via Fresh Produce Records.