No relationship stays the same forever. Each one grows and shifts and changes from month to month and year to year. Some of them get stronger over time, while others fade. This is just the nature of growing older and gaining more experiences. It can be tough to process how those relationships change as we change, but it’s important we do examine them. LA-based TRACE has been examining her friendships, and the result is her new track “All My Friends.”

The synths bubble and float through the air, which fits the lyrical approach as TRACE contemplates what’s going on “down below” in her brain as she pursues her career. Even through the course of the track her feelings on her friendships change and shift, as she wonders what happened that has her feeling isolated. The longing for comfort that she feels will resonate anyone who has found themselves drifting apart from friends, and the summery instrumental will serve listeners well on any late-night drives over the next few months.

You can listen to “All My Friends” below.