Argentinian singer Lula Miranda, is quickly making a name for herself within the music industry with her unforgettable and melodic songs and her star-studded performances alongside pop stars like Halsey and Niall Horan.

And speaking of melodic singles, the singer has released her latest track, a synth-driven anthem called “Confessions.”

The single follows the release of Miranda’s first international single, “Cherry Kiss,” and of her latest song, Lula commented in a press release:

“Religious confessional is about professing your sins and freeing yourself of guilt. In my new single, I’m essentially confessing that perhaps life is better being free, female, and guiltless. ‘Confessions’ transmits freedom, happiness and self-confidence. I often tell myself that we as individuals we have the opportunity to always relate and connect to other human beings.

With that said, I always try to make my music as relatable to the human experience as possible — whether there’s been infidelity and that hurt still inspires a desire to forgive or when relationships simply come to an end and positivity exists to inspire the memory of the good times shared.”

You can listen to Lula Miranda’s new song, “Confessions” below!

“Confessions” is currently available to download and stream on all major streaming services. You can get your copy of it here!