At the beginning of April BANKS made her return to music with new single “Gimme.” The song is a potent reminder of BANKS’s might, and points towards a bright and exciting 2019 for the singer and her fans. Brightness requires lights, and BANKS has ideas about that as well. She’s showing off those ideas now, as last night she shared the spectacular music video for “Gimme.”

The music video is a collboration between BANKS, who served as creative director, and music video director Matty Peacock. For much of the runtime, BANKS dances alone in the middle of an earthen stage. As she dances, beams of light stream down from above in all kinds of intricate colors and patterns. One beam pointing directly downwards serves as a fascinating centerpiece to her choreography and the camera’s focus. Eventually she’s joined by other dancers as the lights grow more numerous and more complex, making for a visually stunning experience.

You can watch the video for “Gimme” below. Make sure to keep checking back in to Substream to catch all the latest news on BANKS as the year goes by.