One of the world’s most beloved pop stars furthers his wholesome image with a video made from all things cute.

Harry Styles will probably never find himself in the position of needing work, but if he did the world of teaching my catch his eye. The former One Direction member enters the classroom for his latest video, which is meant to promote the song “Kiwi” from his 2017 debut album. You can view the video at the top of this post.

As you will see in the clip, “Kiwi” involves a group of school children turning their gymnasium into a battle field as a baked good food fight breaks out amidst an otherwise normal day. This isn’t your typical food fight however, as the sequence is capture in such a way that it could easily double for the latest blockbuster depiction of World War II. There are explosions, young men holding their insides in (that are represented with red velvet cake), and perhaps most importantly a gang of puppies who arrive just in time to help save the day. Oh, and the fashion is pretty wonderful as well.

Styles does not need elaborate videos like this to promote his album or career. There are throngs of Styles diehards who would go anywhere and spend anything the pop heartthrob demanded. He’s not the kind of celebrity though, and he shows it in clips like the one you see above. As much as “Kiwi” is a rock song involving an unplanned pregnancy the video is an effort in silliness pushed to a cinematic extreme. The results are both deeply pleasing and memorable, even if they have nothing to do with the material itself. Styles is out to have fun, and with “Kiwi” he’s brought a bit of joy into all our lives.

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