Gleemer makes the kind of serene and atmospheric indie rock that completely swallows up everything its path. It’s a dense and impenetrable fog that slowly rolls over you, and, like a weighted blanket, fosters a feeling of safety and warmth that you don’t want to remove yourself from it.

Their new album, Anymore, will be released on November 17th by Other People records and packs a handful of these delightfully brooding, slow-moving gems and creates a body of work that is sure to stay heavy in your rotation for the rest of 2017.

Today, we’re sharing the music video for a new song called “Pressure.” The video focuses in on the serene nature of Gleemer’s brand of slow-core, with eerie near stills of landscapes that are breathtaking to behold. The track itself really lives up to its name. “Pressure” is a slow-burn that pulls you through this fog, and once you hit the explosive and awe-inspiring payoff, you can’t wait to start it all over again.

When asked about the track, Gleemer vocalist Corey Coffman said: “I’m reminded often of the feeling I have when I briefly slip away from a group of people, when my feet slow, and the voices fade. It’s in the bathroom mirror at a party or in the stillness of the lake at a family get together. It’s feeling like you’re understood for a moment, even if only by yourself. Charlie and I tried to capture that with this song.

The music video for “Pressure” can be found above. Be sure to catch them on tour with Hundreth later this month. Dates can be found below.

Gleemer, Hundreth tour

Anymore is out November 17th on Other People Records. Pick up your copy here.