Producer/Songwriter/All-American Rejects guitarist Nick Wheeler is from Oklahoma and currently lives in Nashville. I am from Long Island and I currently live in Los Angeles. We both miss people and actual physical locales. We decided to discuss top tier coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and venues in each city. 

  1. Coffee – Retrograde 

SW: I feel that Nashville is an underrated coffee city.

NW: Absolutely. And speaking of underrated, coffee from Arkansas is even more underrated.

SW: Wait. What?

NW: Well, Scott, Nashville’s Retrograde gets its beans from Onyx in Arkansas.

SW: Mind blown.

NW: There are a lot of incredible coffee shops in Nashville, but many of them are loud and crowded. Retrograde is chill and delicious.

  1. Restaurant – Burger Up 

SW: Speaking of food, you talk about Burger Up about twenty-six hours a day. 

NW: And I won’t stop! 

SW: And you yap about their truffle aioli twenty-seven hours a day.

NW: And I won’t stop!

SW: The pimento cheeseburger sounds to die for.

NW: Once I took my bulldog here for her birthday and we shared a plate of truffle fries.

  1. Bar – The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club 

SW: Speaking of adorable, this speakeasy limits its attendees so everyone could be comfortable and seated.

NW: The drinks are fucking great and the presentation is even better!

SW: I’d go anywhere that has an old fashioned menu. Seriously. What the hell.

NW: And it rotates monthly!

SW: Stop the presses.

NW: Newspapers for sale!

  1. Music venue – The High Watt 

SW: Hope that the price on said paper isn’t too high!

NW: Haha. The High Watt has a great beer selection and it also sells earplugs.

SW: Very necessary for such an intimate room.

NW: Everyone has a good vantage point in this clean venue. I don’t often use that word when describing a rock and roll room.

SW: I can’t wait until I can see a show again.

NW: Sidebar: Another one of my favorite venues was destroyed by a tornado earlier this year. Basement East, I cannot wait until you return.

Los Angeles – 
  1. Coffee – Verve 

SW: I cannot wait until you return to LA.

NW: Yeah! Verve may be the first stop that I hit.

SW: I’ve never had a bad cup of coffee at the WeHo location and the people watching there is quite excellent.

NW: I was at the downtown locale. I wasn’t paying attention to the people because I was geeking out at the automatic pour over machines.

SW: One day we will become obsolete.

NW: Only if the machines start drinking the coffee too!

  1. Restaurant – Café Stella 

SW: Speaking of coffee, let’s go to a French restaurant.

NW: I guess I judge a restaurant based on whether my dog will eat there or not.

SW: Don’t tell me…

NW: Yup. Once I took my bulldog here and we shared a charcuterie tray.



  1. Bar – The Woods 

SW: Served on a wooden platter.

NW: (in a Dave Coulier voice) Is it made of (pauses and shakes head) wood?

SW: Probably. Anywho, this bar makes all other dive bars jealous.

NW: And they have a really good jukebox.

SW: What did you just call me?

NW: (ignores him because he is having an epiphany) It’s like camping in a strip mall, which is the B-side to “Club At The End Of The Street”.

  1. Music venue – The Troubadour 

SW: I heard that Elton John got his start here.

NW: The piano man!

SW: I’ve seen so many shows here and I’ve played so many shows here.

NW: I played there twice. Jon Bon Jovi was there. Steven Tyler was there too but he left before we went on.

SW: Crazy. That’s amazing.

NW: I was cryin’. I also got to see The Cure at the Troubadour. And Toad The Wet Sprocket. It was a separate affair.