If you thought BANKS ever messed around, you clearly haven’t been paying attention. All the way back to 2014’s Goddess and 2016’s The Altar, BANKS (Jillian Rose Banks) has made it crystal clear that her word is law. It’s been a few years since we heard from her, so it seems she belives we needed a reminder. BANKS returned earlier today on Beats 1 to premiere her new track “Gimme.”

“Gimme” wastes no time when it comes to establishing the pecking order. BANKS–her voice tinged with an electric hum–lays out exactly how things are going to go down and how she wants an encounter to go. BANKS has always commanded monumental power in her voice and delivery, and this is no exception. “Gimme” swirls around her, with synths that alternate between light & airy and dark and grimy to great effect. Through it all, BANKS’s brand of poise and command is evident. She’s in charge, no negotiation. “Gimme” is a thrilling, stunning reminder of that.

You can listen to “Gimme” below. BANKS also shared on social media that she’ll be doing an AMA on Reddit tomorrow, April 30.