Every house has a history to share. It contains the laughter, heartbreak, sorrow, and love of all the occupants who have called it home. Any house you walk into will immediately tell you its story. You can feel the life lived there, even if you weren’t there for it yourself. The magical power of a home and what it’s like to experience that is the subject of “Dream House,” the penultimate track from Justin Roeland‘s recently released album Doomed To Bloom. Today, he’s sharing a visualization of the idea in the form of a music video for “Dream House.”

In the video, Roeland exists outside the story as a narrator. As he strums the guitar and sings straight at the camera, lives unfold behind him. The “Dream House” video primarily takes place in said house, and the mother and children who call it home go about their days. They play together, draw pictures, and enjoy each other’s company. They feel the sunlight on them as they run through breathtaking fields outside the house. Slowly, things begin to disappear or get removed from the house. Even as the living room grows bare, Roeland keeps telling the audience the story. Even though the house ends up largely empty, there’s still a strong sense of personality and love that flows out of the space. Anyone watching even a brief clip will be able to feel this, which is a credit to both Roeland’s performance and Benjamin Wayne Torrey’s direction of the video.

You can watch the video for “Dream House” below. Justin Roeland’s third album Doomed To Bloom was released on April 5.