Dreary weather and cold winds could not stop the fans from coming to Wrigleyville on a Wednesday night. The Metro was tightly packed with folks of all ages, young fans on their phones, and intimate couples hip holding and taking selfies—all waiting to see the famous New Zealand duo Broods.

The brother and sister combo, Georgia and Caleb, were first noticed on the charts with their single “Bridges” back in 2014 along with their self-titled debut EP Broods. Their first full length album, Evergreen, was released later that year. Their electro-pop sound is not overwhelmingly catchy, but the rhythm and the lyrics still finds a way to match your heartbeat. By the end of the show, everyone was moving to the beat and no one was left sitting in the few seats that sprinkled the balcony.

At one moment in the silence between songs, an audience member shouted “YOU’RE INCREDIBLE!” at the stage. The sentiment rang true and everyone could feel it. Georgia, the lead singer, naturally exudes a type of confidence that one could only dare to dream of. Her outfit—shiny gold pants with a zipper at the knee, a shimmering yellow jacket and a bandana string top patterned with a floral paisley—was eye catching and full of fun. Even after her top broke and she took another band member’s oversized teal T shirt, Georgia still danced around the stage with an infectious energy that spread throughout the Metro. From the dazzling lights to the upbeat tunes, this was definitely a show to remember.