A set of good friends is invaluable. You more than likely already know that, but it bears repeating. Great friends can bring fun and happiness into your life, they can help you out in a pinch, and they can be there for you when things aren’t going your way. No matter what the circumstance, friends can make things better. That applies to music and music videos, as well. Just ask LA’s Girl Wilde. In November she released an alt-pop gem in the form of “Nervous Breakdown,” and now she’s showcasing the importance of having people in your corner with the music video for the track. We’re thrilled to premiere that video right here on Substream.

The “Nervous Breakdown” video takes place at a house party. Wilde isn’t having a great time though, looking just as nervous as the title of the track suggests. Fortunately for her, she has a huge group of people to help pick her up. While many of the party-goers are stuck staring at their phones for the beginning of the video, things pick up as the song progresses. More and more of them begin interacting with Wilde, until she ends up in the embrace of one guest. Sometimes a hug is all you need, and the video ends with everyone dancing together. Directed by Noel Maitland and Kelsy Karter, the video captures both the essence of “Nervous Breakdown” and the strong, overflowing energy Wilde brings to all of her songs and performances.

Wilde made sure the closeness felt in “Nervous Breakdown” extended to the music video. She said “With this video I really wanted to focus on friendship instead of a love interest. It was inspired by the many times my friends have held my hand through all sorts of ups and downs. Pretty much everyone in the video was a close friend. Having my cowriter Mia in the video was also a really special moment.”

Grab a group of your closest friends and watch Girl Wilde and her friends in the video for “Nervous Breakdown” below.