Starcrawler and The Distillers

Metro // Chicago, IL // May 22, 2019

There are very few bands that can open for The Distillers. Starcrawler is definitely one of them.

Real talk: I’d not heard of L.A. punk rockers Starcrawler before being invited to their Chicago show. Listening to a few of their songs before the show, I heard hints of Bikini Kill, Hole, and L7. There was no way I could have prepared myself for their live show, however. To put it plainly: Starcrawler were the most impressive opening band I have ever seen.

Starcrawler by Kate Scott

Lead singer Arrow de Wilde came onstage in a white tank top and a light pink corset/skirt, her unkempt and greasy hair covering her face. She defied all of my expectations and truly performed for the audience. Between slamming the mic into her head to the rhythm of the song and miming, ahem, self-love, de Wilde held the attention of every single audience member. Two superfans started their own moshpit when no one else was moving, and this energy would last throughout the rest of the night.

Starcrawler by Kate Scott

I can’t overemphasize the amazing theatrics that Starcrawler bring to their performance. If you only listen to them on Spotify, you’re missing out. They are the perfect opening act for The Distillers, one of the most iconic punk bands of the 00’s. After de Wilde crawled into the crowd and left the main room in a daze during their last song, the crowd looked around anxiously to see if she would reappear. She did not. Instead, concert-goers were left to get as close to the front of the stage as possible. This included us photographers, who were not allowed into the photo pit that evening. Despite having a great spot before the show started, as soon as Brody Dalle came onstage and sang the opening lyrics to “Sick of it All”, the entire room became a mosh pit.

The Distillers by Kate Scott

The Distillers disbanded in 2006 and left fans wanting more music and live shows. This tour is their first in over 10 years, and their Chicago show was a cathartic release for fans. Playing their biggest and best tracks, including “I am a Revenant” and “The Gallow is God”, scores of fearless fans moshed, crowd surfed, and dove into circle pits all around the main floor of the Metro. With new music on the way and hopefully more touring to come, it’s only a matter of time before The Distillers reclaim the throne as the punk gods they’ve always been.

Starcrawler are currently on tour with The Distilelrs and will be headed to Europe before coming back to the west coast. Tickets and more info HERE.



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