Few bands can honestly claim to have lead a career as storied as that of post-hardcore strongholds Alesana. They’ve managed to carve out a niche for themselves that has allowed them to not only survive the turning tides of the music industry but continue to thrive without having to sacrifice any of their artistic integrity. Not much has changed for Alesana since they burst onto the scene back in 2006 except for the fact that they’ve got more people than ever paying attention to every move they make.

The band has long prided themselves on their ability to construct entire worlds within their catalog. Every record has songs that will tie into older material by picking up where a story left off or lifting subtle details that help tie the narratives together — and this attention to detail, when paired with the bands larger than life sound and performances, that keeps fans actively engaged and looking for more clues and stories to unravel. As a nod to those fans, the band released a new EP called The Lost Chapters today via Revival Recordings that is meant to tie up loose ends. Today, we’re sharing a new-to-you song called “The Coward,” which serves as the immediate sequel to 2010’s “The Murderer”

When asked about “The Coward”, Alesana said: “The Coward is, lyrically and narratively, my favorite of the bunch because it introduces a chapter in The Emptiness that I loved and was disappointed to cut originally. It takes place in the immediate aftermath of The Murderer.”

The Lost Chapters is out now on Revival Recordings and can be purchased here