There is truly no better feeling than when you see someone you strongly admire, pursuing their passion and living out their dream. That feeling was alive and well on Tuesday night inside New York City’s Irving Plaza, as Danish indie-pop trio, New Politics, were set to take the stage.

The crowd was buzzing and every time the slideshow of upcoming shows landed on the New Politics show that we were all at, there were cheers erupting and people often taking photos of the screen in an effort to capture every memory from the night. Nothing gets people more amped up, and this includes me (and I go to a lot of concerts), than that single moment right before the band hits the stage when the lights dim and the introduction music begins. The adrenaline was flowing throughout the venue from front to back and as Louis Vecchio, David Boyd and Søren Hansen all graced the stage.

The band opened with the upbeat, undeniably catchy song “Istanbul” from their most recent record Lost In Translation. The perfect blend and balance between lead vocalist David and vocalist and guitarist Søren’s vocals came through in the live performance. Boyd, who often stepped back to break into a happy dance as Hansen took over the vocals during the chorus, was truly feeling the energy of the crowd as he climbed over them and stood on their hands during “Everywhere I Go (Kings & Queens).”

Very few bands, that I know of, are able to perform a lengthy setlist of 20 songs and still manage to captivate the crowd with their high energy and passion until the very end. However, New Politics did exactly that. The liveliness of their stage presence and their pure unadulterated talent shines through on the stage — especially during fan favorites like “Dignity,” “Harlem” and their final song of the evening “Yeah Yeah Yeah.” I have been a New Politics fan for a while, and I will remain a New Politics fan until the end and I must say, they are a band that I will always make sure to see because their overall attitude and vibe is one of happiness and good times and, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be surrounded by that?