Mark Peters, a singer-songwriter based in Vienna and London, recently released his debut solo EP, titled Spirits—some of which he began working on as many as 15 years ago while at university. One of these such tracks is “24 Years,” which serves as Peters’ most recent single.

“24 Years” is an acoustic-guitar focused rock track supported by light percussion, guitar, and backing vocals provided by his band consisting of members Fabian Natter, Markus Manahl, and Martin Burtsch.

The mostly black and white, three-and-a-half-minute video that accompanies the single features Peters walking around a cold and graffiti’d part of Vienna as well as a loft/apartment where he appears to be writing the song. “We shot this video when it was around minus 4 Celsius and the New Danube River had frozen over,” Peters explains via Facebook, “enough so that we could walk on it. It really was a beautiful setting to shoot, and despite being so cold, we had a great time.”

You can see the video below and get Spirits on iTunes via Audio Heart Records. Visit Peters’ Facebook and website for more information.