Nashville’s multi-platinum rising Matt Stell has returned with another new song “Take the Girl.”

“Take the Girl” follows his recently released autobiographical “Born Lonely” and his white-hot romantic warning of “Breakin’ in Boots,” which is impacting country radio now.

‘Take the Girl’ is about how spending time with the right person gives you a buzz in a way,” shares Stell. “You can try to chase that kind of feeling with other things, but at the end of the day, the right person is the only one that’s going to make you feel that way.”

“Take the Girl” once again finds Stell mining his own life and reflecting on the man he’s become since being impacted by a broken home in his childhood and tells the tale of being forever changed by genuine love. He leans into some emotional complexity on “Take the Girl,” focusing on the nuance rather than strictly sticking to surface level.

Listen to “Take the Girl” below.

Co-written by Stell with Nate Cyphert, Chris DeStefano, and Joe Fox, “Take the Girl” finds a guy trading the quick buzz of a night on the town for a more lasting form of intoxication, and choosing the excitement of true companionship. Always willing to go where others won’t, Stell’s feel-good story nonetheless admits to the questionable motives of the past – knowing good or bad, it all has equal impact on the bigger picture of his future.

Also produced by Fox, “Take the Girl” features a spirit-lifting fusion of acoustic guitars, lush atmosphere, and irresistible forward momentum, as Stell’s smooth and smoky vocal describes the simple, soul-filling moments that linger in our memory, and lead to a fateful decision. Hungover Sunday mornings soon transition into grateful Sunday suppers, as a soulmate connection changes a man for the better. Meanwhile, its Dustin Haney-directed music video finds him rolling down East Nashville’s streets for a dashboard performance with an important destination, ending at a special someone’s doorstep, and redefining modern Country romance.