Another promising young band gone too soon.

It’s never easy to lose a band you love. In today’s world, where the giants of yesterday are being outed as wolves in sheep’s clothing the lose of presumably good artists who have never done anything questionable is even worse. We need good talent more than ever before, but that fact alone is not enough to keep Michigan’s Swordfish together.

In a post made on Facebook early Saturday afternoon, November 11, the members of Swordfish announced the end of their band. Their message reads:

“Everything must come to an end, and we are not an exception to this fact. It’s sad to say it, but Swordfish must say goodbye. Though all of us are on great terms with one another, all of us in the band in one way or another are experiencing great changes in our respective lives that are unfortunately causing us to part ways as a band. There’s always a possibility for us to come back in the future, but at this moment we have no plans to continue this project.

Swordfish has given us so many opportunities, friends, and experiences we don’t think any of us will ever forget. We would like to thank Joe Urban and Take This to Heart Records for taking a chance on us and devoting his time to help us grow and support us as a band. We truly appreciate and treasure all the people who we’ve met because of Swordfish as well as the people who we didn’t have the opportunity to meet but still supported us from afar. We are indebted to each and every one of you.

With that being said, we have two more shows left near the end of the month. We will be playing one last Cave show in Ypsilanti (TBA), then we’re playing Snowed In in Columbus, OH on 11/25. We would be incredibly humbled if you could come help us say goodbye to something that’s been so important to us over the past couple years. Thanks for an awesome ride.

Love forever,

Kyle, Elijah, Kris, Elijah, and Chandler

Swordfish released their final album, Rodia on Take This To Heart Records in May 2017. You can stream the record, in full, below: