For many musicians, touring is a huge part of their lives. They spend months–if not years–at a time traveling the globe, performing for whoever is in front of them night in and night out. While it can be a tough experience, there’s also a wonder and a joy to this existence that keeps these musicians hitting the road again and again. Rob Moir is one of those musicians, as he’s spent 5 years touring nearly nonstop. It’s his time on the road that has inspired his new single “Sometimes You Gotta Go,” and we’re excited to premiere it and its accompanying music video today.

The thing that immediately stand out on “Sometimes You Gotta Go” is the emotion and longing in Moir’s voice. This is someone you know loves the open road as soon as he opens his mouth and begins to sing these lyrics. There’s even a longing in the guitar that Moir strums that stays even when the song builds to its climactic bridge. There’s an excitement in that bridge that contrasts nicely with the more introspective sections of Moir’s writing, and it all comes together to paint a vivid picture.

The music video for “Sometimes You Gotta Go” is beautifully shot as well. Shots of Moir performing and writing in his cabin are presented along with a simple narrative that finds him getting that travel urge again. Just like in the track itself, Moir’s genuine love for the road comes through so naturally and strongly it’s impossible not to appreciate it.

Moir explained the inspiration behind “Sometimes You Gotta Go” by saying ““I had been playing something like 170 shows around the world for the last few years and met endless streams of people who told me how badly they wanted to travel and shake up their lives and I wrote this song celebrating that spirit.”

You can watch and listen to “Sometimes You Gotta Go” after the jump. The track is taken from Rob Moir’s upcoming album SOLO RECORD, which is set for release on November 16.