A great song tells a story, and a great music video adds a visual element to that story. For their upcoming EP Dancing In Place, synth-pop duo Posh Hammer have created a series of music videos to accompany each song. Today, we’re ecstatic to premiere the final visual installment, “Leave Me Here Tonight.”

Coming from Asheville, North Carolina, Posh Hammer consists of teen siblings Tasnim (vocals) and Navied (production). Navied also directed the video series, and says of “Dancing In Place”:

“Dancing In Place is a circular story about two characters who are trapped by the ways they present themselves on social media and also by the ways social media infiltrates their lives. The final installment ‘Leave Me Here Tonight’ plays like a mirror of the EPs opener, An Introduction. Musically it takes the distorted melody from “An Introduction” and expands it into a complete song. Visually, ‘Leave Me Here Tonight’ shows the two characters meet again and revisit the locations of their previous night together. But the spontaneity and the hope they once felt is gone. They know that they can’t recapture it, but they continue on. As a director I wanted to focus on the empty spaces between the two characters to show the difficulty and uncertainty of finding connection in the age of social media.”

A similar aesthetic of pink lighting and visuals is echoed throughout the series, though “Leave Me Here Tonight” is largely moody and dark. It’s the final chapter in a story of two love-torn celebrities trying to keep their relationship together when the world demands to know every detail. Surrounded by paparazzi and the pressures of social media, they attempt to find themselves, as well as their place in the world, all the while trying to make a relationship work.

Below, you can watch all five videos, concluding with the brand new “Leave Me Here Tonight” clip.

Dancing In Place will be out this Friday, October 19. If you like what you see and hear, keep up with Posh Hammer on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, listen on Spotify, and visit their website.