Jazzy rock band Gideon King & City Blog have a new album on the way. The self-produced Upscale Madhouse is set to arrive on September 21, and you can get another taste of the album’s offerings now with “Gun To My Head,” a five-minute palate-pleaser of R&B-influenced easy listening that will certainly help sweep some stress away. It feels like Stevie Wonder. It feels like Steely Dan. It feels like cool city nights in musical form, and there’s good reason for that.

“This song is about L.A. and New York and how when the rubber meets the road, I’ll take NYC,” says King. “It’s about writing music against the backdrop of both of these towns. This song also speaks to the idea that trying to make it alone in life is a fool’s errand. Also, there was this weird serial killer in L.A. that frightened me. He is in the tune, too.”

Don’t be scared. You can stream “Gun To My Head” below via Spotify. Keep an eye out for the release of Upscale Madhouse next month by following the band on Facebook. You can buy the single and/or album through the format of your choosing here.