Italian-born producer Iuliano released a brand new EP this summer, titled Hidden Roots, and most recently shared a music video for the almost-title track “The Hidden Root,” which you can view below. The initially washed-out visuals gradually take on pops of color that match the unique track’s building experimentation perfectly.

“‘The Hidden Root’ is the music that I always had inside me, but that I never had the courage to realize,” says Iuliano. “A friend of mine told me, ‘These songs are like the car 500, those who know the old one can tell its origin comes from the past, but for the people who don’t know, it is absolutely beautiful and modern.’ I guess he has got a point.

“The inspiration came from playing the guitar, an instrument which I cannot play,” he continues. “It was a way to get rid of the cliche and the learned rules and let the years rule instead. All of this, placed in a context where the original melodic idea is often a way to take the listener, momentarily or permanently, to a different scenario in sort of what I call ‘a minimal progressive.'”

The six-track Hidden Roots EP is well worth a listen, offering some of the most original indie-pop and experimental music released this year. Full of thoughtful arrangements and intimate vocal melodies, Iuliano has created something special with this effort. You can check out the full release via Bandcamp.