Ever since I put Glowie‘s single “Cruel” in my Take 5 column on Monday I’ve had the track bouncing around inside my head. It’s such a catchy, irresistible piece of pop music I find it hard to believe it wouldn’t get stuck in any head that listens to it. It’s the perfect kind of track to dance along to. Glowie knows this, and her music video showcases just what to do.

Glowie begins alone, wandering the empty halls of what appears to be a hospital. As the chorus hit she begins to dance and the lighting takes on a distinctly dance club-like feel. She begins to find other people as she dances through the building, and they either dance with her or serve as the launching point for a fresh dance from her. The music video for “Cruel” is a prime example that you don’t need a complex idea to make a music video work, you just need interesting execution and memorable visuals to make it work. “Cruel” contains both in spades.

Check out the music video for Glowie’s single “Cruel” below.