Two generations of emo heartbreakers have joined forces to create something truly special.

The emo hierarchy is largely debatable, but few acts have shaped the alternative genre’s saddest corner quite like Dashboard Confessional. The songs crafted by singer-songwriter Chris Carrabba have served as the soundtrack to countless lives, and to this day he continues to deliver quality material on a regular basis. His latest, a collaboration with emo favorites turned electronic hitmakers Cash Cash, is no exception.

Released early this morning, December 15, “Belong” is the dance song featuring Dashboard Confessional you never know you needed (or even wanted, to be honest). The track tells the story of two people with nowhere to be and no one to answer to who find themselves on the highway to anywhere they desire. The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure: These two souls belong together. They can go anywhere and do anything as long as they have one another. Check it out:

Don’t have Spotify? Here’s a YouTube link for the song, but we’re not sure how long it will be active:

Cash Cash has been making waves in the electronic world for years now, but there is something special about “Belong” and Carrabba’s participation is only part of the magic. The production, from beginning to end, evokes a sense of hopefulness that is in high demand at this point in society. The world is wicked place that more and more frequently seems set on a path toward total annihilation, but then you hear something like “Belong” and for a few minutes, you remember that maybe it’s not all so bad after all.

It’s unclear whether or not we’ll hear more Dashboard Confessional collaborations with Cash Cash, but if we had to guess it’s probably not that likely. Follow Substream on Twitter for updates on both artists and their plans for the future.