There are bonds among siblings. Anyone with brothers or sisters knows that’s true. Your siblings are there to support you, encourage you, and to keep you grounded on the journey through life. Most siblings don’t end up working together, instead supporting each other from a distance. But when siblings do work together, it can create magic—just ask Truitt. Brother and sister Brett and Brigetta Truitt are creating some of the best pop music you’ll hear today. Nashville residents by way of Florida, the pair bring smart writing, excellent production, and sibling understanding to their music, which can be heard on their 2016 self-titled EP and on more recent singles like this summer’s “Tokyo.” No matter which track you listen to, you can tell they’re the future of pop.

It’s immediately evident talking to the pair that they’re close. The conversation flows effortlessly between them, and it’s a large part of what makes them such an effective team when writing music. “Brett already knows my personal life, he has to experience it on a day-to-day basis,” Brigetta says. When they begin to write music then, it’s easy for the two of them to steer the process in the right emotional direction because of how well they know each other and how close they are. If an emotion is present in a Truitt track, it’s something that one of the two were going through on the day that song was written. The duo says that’s one of the biggest differences between working with each other and working with other acts, as they take a step back to allow their collaborator’s emotional truth and ideas come through.

Their current home of Nashville has played a large part in how they view and write their music. Encouraged to move there by legendary songwriter Bobby Braddock, Truitt have embraced both the rich history of Nashville and its current atmosphere of a home to all types and genres of music. “I know [country] is a big industry here, but in terms of the pop community, it is like a family,” Brett explains. Truitt do their part to spread the love with those they work with in that big family, curating the “New Nashville” playlist on Spotify that highlights local Nashville acts from across the musical spectrum.

A great deal of the pair’s tracks contain an underlying message of believing in yourself and building self-esteem, and that’s definitely a conscious choice by Truitt. A great example is “Throne,” a song about building up your own confidence before giving it to someone else, although the entirety of the Truitt EP at least touches on this message. “You don’t have to have someone there in your life to feel like you’re worth something,” Brett explains (although he does stress that people are free to pursue romance or not as they see fit). Brigetta, as the younger sibling having grown up with social media almost her entire life, adds in that they felt this was even more important to stress with the shiny veneer of dating apps and relationship #goals plastered across the digital world. Brigetta further stresses “that whole theme is very important for both of us to say to someone.”

Truitt are in no way slowing down. “Tokyo” and the collaboration with artist Brooks Brown were just the beginning of their 2017. The siblings are hard at work on new music, as can be seen on the frequent additions to their Instagram Story (@truittmusic). Their dedication to each other as family has brought about great music, and their dedication to their pop music family in Nashville binds them to fans and the future of pop.

*A version of this interview first ran in the current print issue of Substream Magazine, on stands now and available through our online store!